Rx Specialties Pharmacy began in 1997 from the mind of the trailblazing founder, Herb Shanbaum.

Herb Shanbaum knew that individuals with special needs and long-term care facilities (LTC Facilities) needed a pharmacy to provide solutions that no other retail pharmacies could provide.

Thus, in July of 1997, Herb Shanbaum founded Rx Specialties Pharmacy at its Roseville, Michigan location, and, in 2003 at another large building location which it owns so that Rx Specialties could provide all medication and services that LTC Facilities/Special Individuals need.

Rx Specialties Pharmacy has serviced hundreds of homes and individuals. Rx Specialties takes pride in servicing LTC homes and individuals now and in the future.

Rx Specialties Pharmacy’s first goal is to provide each LTC Facility and Individual with the information and services needed to succeed.

Rx Specialties Pharmacy’s next goal is to offer its clients with a simple and complete pharmacy care solution to all of its needs.

Finally, Rx Specialties strives to provide the most efficient and cost-effective way to do business.


Rx Specialties provides licensed pharmacist advice. We understand there are questions that need to be answered and information provided in addition to all other services.

Rx Specialties provides free same-day delivery. We understand the need for an order to be filled in a timely manner and we strive to be responsive to our clients.

Rx Specialties provides Staff Education. We offer comprehensive in-service educational opportunities designed to keep staff informed and consumers safe.

Rx Specialties provides Medical Reports. We provide medical reports on a monthly basis. Electronic bills is also done on a monthly basis with all statements itemized.

Rx Specialties provides Blister Packing and Instructions. We know that blister packing and other special packing is necessary for a LTC Facility or Individual.

Rx Specialties provides even more services. Please call us for more information.

Rx Specialties provides an On-Call Pharmacist and Pharmacy Line including on weekends. We know that emergencies come up from time-to-time and therefore it is necessary for an on-call pharmacist to be available.

Rx Specialties provides Emergency Deliveries. We understand emergencies require emergency delivery and we strive to serve our clients in these situations.

Rx Specialties provides Medication Therapy Management. We monitor all medications and prevent harmful drug interactions through communication with physicians and program personnel.

Our Staff

Rx Specialties Pharmacy is located locally in the Detroit Metro area and also employs local individuals who live and are a part of the same communities as our clients. Rx Specialties Pharmacy retains the services of experienced clinical pharmacists, licensed pharmacy technicians and a staff who specialize in all services. All-together, Rx Specialties has 25 workers who enjoy working for our pharmacy. Meet four of our featured staff below.

Crystal Broaden, CPHT

Crystal has worked as a pharmacy technician for Rx Specialties for 10 years. She is experienced in all fields and has gotten to know a lot of our clients. Crystal loves working for Rx Specialties and has a calming nature for anyone who gets to know her.

Heather Mast, CPHT

Heather Mast is a certified pharmacist technician and has been working for Rx Specialties for 7 years with 8 years in the field. Heather has a great sense of humor and loves working with people in the industry. Heather is very personable with clients and would love talking about anything.

Cathy Barker,
Director of Finance

Cathy Barker has a background in the pharmacy industry and banking. She has been the head of Rx Specialties’ finance department since its inception and works as head of finance department for Holiday Pharmacy too. Given her long experience, Cathy is very knowledgeable regarding insurance billing (private and auto), contracting, auto accidents, and processing. If you have any questions of any sort about the pharmacy industry, feel free to contact Cathy and she would not hesitate to discuss.

Geoffrey Selvage,

Our head pharmacist, Geoffrey Selvage, RPH, has been a licensed pharmacist for over 32 years. Geoffrey is well experienced in the pharmacy industry in Michigan and has worked as a head pharmacist with long-term care facilities, jails, and special needs individuals.

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